The Snug Wildlife Shelter is dedicated to the rescue, succour and rehabilitation of Australia's native animals.

It's aim is also to make all Australians aware that our native animals are in real trouble from human population increase, encroachment and intention. That if there is expansion into wildlife habitat it should be without first destroying it.

All the native species of our land are precious, and while we have them we don't realise their contribution and never think of their intrinsic value. If human beings are the smartest species on this planet, then we should not underestimate or undermine our wildlife. By ensuring their survival, we secure our own.

There are dark clouds gathering with this new governments slash and burn policies which will damage our environment generally and our wildlife in Australia especially.

We have been seeing the dilution and in some cases complete change in wildlife policy in Victoria. The current government only had about 42% of the the outright vote, and another 40% or so on preferences from other parties, so just over 80% to get into government, but only 42% in real terms. That's not a mandate destroy the environment or engage in killing our wildlife.

All Australians must realise that once they are gone, our unique creatures will be lost forever. Other countries look to our wildlife with interest, but we, who live in this country hardly value them at all, manifest by the way we treat them. We must do better.

If we concentrate on diligently looking after the animals in this country, without any extra consideration or effort we'll be looking after the environment and our citizens as well as other, no less important, citizens of the world.

Just a simple shift of focus will do all that.

We are in the process of moving. Sorry for the inconvenience.