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We proudly show here extracts from some of the numerous testimonials we receive in response to our projects, programs and initiatives recognised as of national interest, from governments, universities, agencies, societies, groups, associations and individuals:
"Reversing the decline of native vegetation communities and restoring indigenous plant and animal habitat in degrading agricultural landscapes is a major challenge for many landholders nation-wide. More and more landholders are taking action as individuals and as members of local and regional community landcare groups as part of their a duty of care responsibilities for land and water resources under their stewardship. Dr D'Addario is to be congratulated for his initiative and considerable efforts in this regards."
Senator the Hon Robert Hill, Leader of the Government in the Senate, Minister for the Environment and Heritage. 31 July 2000.
"The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Bob Debus MP, has asked me to thank you for your recent letter, referred to him by the Premier, concerning the future of your property at Dalton." ..."I appreciate your commitment to conservation in the use of your land".
Michael Wright, Director, Policy and Science, NSW NPWS. 2 August 2000.
"Your project sounds exciting and it is reassuring that others are doing something practical on the ground,which in my view is what is really needed.
Martin & Lorraine Copley, Mosman Park WA. (The Copleys are the owners of Karakamia Sanctuary the first of their several privately owned conservation projects in WA & Qld). 16 August 2000.
"I am pleased to hear that the conservation activities CALM has undertaken under the banner of the Western Shield projects have come to the attention of like-minded people in eastern Australia" (see CALM's web site at www.calm.wa.gov.au/project/west_shield.html for details on the project)
Dr P Mawson, for Dr Wally Cox, Executive Director, Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA. 15 August 2000.
"I was interested to hear about your work at "Oolong Sanctuary" and commend you for your dedication to the conservation of this area"..."I would also be interested to hear about the results of any further survey work that is undertaken on your property".
Rod Pietsch, Threatened Species Officer, Southern Directorate, NSW NPWS. 28 March 2001.

"Congratulation on both your excellent work with Dalton Park/Oolong Sanctuary, which was great to hear about, and the website, which I have just had a good look at. I'd love to arrange a visit next time I am in the area."
Suzanne Dobbie, Project Officer, Biodiversity Management Unit, Biodiversity Research & Managenment Division, NSW NPWS. 5 December 2001

".. responding to your letter of 11 October, requesting permission to reproduce images from Tony Bishop's Field Guide to the Orchids of NSW and Victoria for your educational program and on your website. I have contacted John Keller, the copyright owner, and he is happy for Tony Bishop' images to be used in this way."..."I admire the work you are doing and hope to be able to visit the sanctuary one day."
Nicola Young, Publishing and Editorial Co-ordinator, UNSW Press, University of New South Wales, Australia. 14 December 2001.

"Hi Gianni, thanks for your email. I have visited your website and would like to congratulate you and the Friends of Oolong on all of your fantastic on-ground works".... "keep up the good work!"
Belinda McNeill, Conservation Project Manager, NSW Farmers' Association. 27 April 2002.

"Your Web site and projects are most interesting. I have forwarded it to colleagues here who are most concerned with undergraduate project work. I will certainly keep it in mind for postgraduate students."
Geoff Gurr, Associate Professor, Applied Ecology; Associate Dean (Research); Program Leader Sustainable Agriculture. Faculty of Rural Management, The University of Sydney - Orange, NSW. 8 May 2002.

"Gianni, you asked on ABC FEEDBACK re: Outback Up Close (17th February 2002) if your web page worth persevering with. It looks good, seems to work well, and the story is an inspirational example of bush preservation work. I would say if you have interest and time to do this it compliments your work in extra and unpredictable ways. Educational and a way to build networks with like minded people for sharing information and support quickly when and if you need it.... I am loving the net and access and stimulation that it allows. A Librarian by profession, I am browsing a lot of pages and yours up there with the best. Have interest in bush preservation so will book mark your page and keep in touch."
Helen Tait, Launceston, TAS. 10 July 2002.

"Just had a quick look at your site. You are doing some amazing work!! Congratulations on a great web site - it is important to communicate what is being done"
Julie Olsen, Spinifex Communications, Salisbury, Qld. 5 September 2002.

"...the preservation of our native flora and fauna and the prevention of degradation of agricultural land are two of the most pressing issues facing rural Australia today. Any work that si done to research possible solutions to these problems is of significant benefit to the nation. To this end your group should be applauded for your sustained effort to develop solutions to these problems at a local level. I also commend you and your group for your dedication to encouraging other landowners to participate in these very worthwhile initiatives."
Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Member for Burrinjuck. 12 December 2002.

"Congratulation on the establishment of your Friends of Oolong Association. I can't imagine why you should have any conflict with local landcare groups"...."Landcare groups are supported by a network of coordinators and facilitators, who are paid for by State and Federal Government (sometimes Landcare Groups themselves) and they are there to assist the community to plan and carry out projects."...."I suspect that you could make useful links with landcare groups such as the Holbrook Landcare Group. Some landcare groups do have biodiversity conservation as their primary thrust and I suspect your group would have many common goals. Congratulation on your website. It certainly has a lot of information contained within."......."Your list of projects is also impressive."
Mike Sutherland, (former owner of Genaren Hill Sanctuary and member of the Landcare Australia Board). 4 November 2002.

"Great to hear from you - may I compliment you on your exellent website and very interesting and worthwile project. I'd be especially interested to hear how things are with your neighbouring landowners. I hope I can come and visit the sanctuary personally some time soon."
Meredith Peach, NSW Biodiversity Research Network Coordinator. 12 April 2002

"Thank you for your perseverance. Your project sounds really amazing!"
Jessica Walden, Certification Officer, NASAA. 22 October 2002.

"..I would like to commend your valuable environmental work, particularly in the conservation of wetlandas and waterfowl and your role in local conservation organisations."
The Hon. Bob Debus MP, Minister for the Environment. 28 April 2003.

"Gianni, my hat is off to you for the dedication that is apparent in the Website description of the Oolong project"...."Western New South Wales is one of the most shocking environmental disaster in man's history"
John Weigel, Australia Reptile Park, Pacific Highway, Somersby, NSW. 1 August, 2003.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organisation's contribution to protecting our environment, and trust your listing on the Register continues to be an important incentive to raise funds to protect the environment and engage the community in this effort."
Senator The Hon Ian Campbell. Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator for Western Australia. 25 February, 2005.

"Congratulations to the Friends of Oolong for playing such a crucial role in providing a wonderful environmental tool to educate our youth about what they can do to play a part in ensuring the future of our natural heritage."
Alby Schultz MP, Federal Member for Hume, Monday, 8 May 2006.

"Keep up the good work. This is a critical topic. As things continue to go to hell, they will see the light. Lets hope it is not then too late." Regards, Glen
Dr Glen Barry, Ecological Internet, 13 November, 2007.

" I wish you every success with your efforts in support of conservation and the establishment of wildlife corridors"
Sir David Attenborough CH. FRS, Friday, 2 February 2007

"I certainly appreciate the efforts of the Friends of Oolong in restoring and maintaining the remnant native vegetation on the property, as well as on the nearby Crown roads reserve. Generating a similar level of enthusiasm and dedication to conservation among more land owners is very much what private conservation initiatives in NSW are trying to achieve. Your organisation reserach activities and ongoing work with schools and the community are also most commendable."
Phil Koperberg, NSW Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water, 5 July, 2007.

" We admire the determination to get the area back into a natural and balanced dynamic..... It is great to think that quite a lot of hectares will remain in a quasi-natural state obviously helping to form a mosaic of wildlife corridors....Congratulations again on your courage and commitment in this venture; it deserves to be more widely known."
Tim Hayes, Australian Plant Society Southern Tablelands Group, 31 October, 2007.

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