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Local, Interstate and Overseas Volunteers are Needed and Always Welcome!

The Conservation Management of the Sanctuary and its Wildlife Corridors on private land, together with the On-going Projects and initiatives are a cooperative effort by Friends of Oolong with the in-kind contribution of volunteers and support from the ACT and SE NSW communities.
We thank the several volunteers that have contributed to the successes of our organisation without them we wouldn't be able to succeed.
The financial support of the private sector, government agencies, study groups and landholders is also acknowledged.
The conservation programs undertaken by our volunteers is recognised as a significant community effort in the national interest. To indicate the degree of support to our programs and initiatives, from time to time, we report the response we get from governments, universities, environmental organisations, agencies, groups and individuals. (Click here to view testimonials)
The Friends of Oolong under the patronage of Dr David Suzuki, are supported with donations by:

John and Joan D'Addario Foundation Inc. (USA) Trust
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd
100.3 FM Yass Community Radio Station.
Australasian Native Orchid Society Inc (ANOS).
Cumberland Bird Observers' Club.
Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG)
Frog And Tadpole Study Group of NSW Inc.(FATS).
http://frogs.org.au/frogs/state.php?state key=64
Greening Australia.

National Parks and Wildlife Service, Southern Directorate.
Parks Southern Tablelands Grassy Ecosystems Conservation Management Network, in association with the Grassy Box Woodlands Conservation Management Network.
Bushcare, Australia.
Volunteers supplied by Volunteering ACT.
The Friends of Oolong is registered on the NSW Landcare Online database and is part of the NSW landcare network.
The Fiends of Oolong is a non for profit partner of the Australian Charities Funds.
The Friends of Oolong is a not-for-profit association with over 100 foundation members also registered as an Environmental Organisation.
New Tax Initiatives Affecting Environmental Donations! Changes To The Income Tax Assessment ACT 1997
The changes to the Act affecting environmental donations are part of a larger Federal Government push to facilitate philanthropy and strengthen partnerships between business and community groups. Taxpayers receive greater financial benefits from donations valued at more than $5,000 to relevant environment and heritage organisations. Donations may include land, buildings, shares, vehicles and other property. Tax deductions on larger donations of property to eligible organisations to be spread over five years.
Under initiatives legislated in May 2000 you the donor and the environment can benefit from:
An income tax deduction for gifts of properties, made on or after 1 July 1999, valued at more than $5,000.
A capital gains tax exemption for gifts of properties bequeathed in a will to an eligible organisation.
[note: provision is made so that a deduction can not result in an income tax loss]
The conservation covenant measure legislated in October 2001 provides further complementary incentives for conservation. There are changes to the capital gains tax (CGT) for entering into conservation covenats.

About Taxation Concessions And Tax Incentives For Conservation: For any update please link directly to:
Environment Australia at: http://www.ea.gov.au/tax/index.html

scroll down the page and under 'Conservation Covenants' click:
'New Tax Incentives for Conservation-Fact Sheet'

The Private Sector Support is vital for our programas and initiatives
There is compelling evidence that the private sector support is vital to the success of the program and adequate additional financial support is needed to be able to continue our programs,
So far the community and landholders have been mainly supporting this interesting, exciting and rewarding program, which is vital to the preservation of flora and fauna in habitat/remnants on private land linked by corridors to allow the movement of fauna between them but, without adequate financial contribution from Trusts, Foundations and Philanthropic Associations and the cooperation of landholders the program cannot continue. The CarbonSMART program should provide the needed incentive for landholders.
Our president kindly supplies his Land Cruiser to be able to continue the patrolling of baiting stations.
The extended drought is affecting our frog ponds and our lake level is almost critical for the survival of native fish. We pump water from our perennnial creek and need to replace our petrol pump with a more durable and less expensive diesel pump to reduce running costs and any donation toward this expenditure of $1000 would be appreciated.
To get an idea of the dimension of our effort, please note that a comparable Landcare Regional Program involving 19 groups, one for each project, has obtained over $1,000,000.
We have over 38 projects, some on-going, some proposed and to be conducted when funds are available. Our on-going projects, many of which are essential to our management program, owing to their unlimited duration, cannot be completed in a set length of time therefore they do not fall within set criteria for funding as many grant require. We are seeking government intervention to resolve this issue, meanwhile we try our best but we need support!
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Voluntary Workers Insurance
Our voluntary workers are protected with insurance covers issued for not-for-profit associations by Aradley Insurance:
Public Liability Cover Policy Number CL15580/97
Personal Injury Policy Cover Number PI 15590/97
The management of the Oolong sanctuary (over 560 ha (1400a) and its wildlife corridors as well as all activities, projects and initiatives, are carried out solely by volunteers.
At present two full-time and five part-time volunteers including the Treasurer/Secretary of the Central Committee are managing the day by day business of the organisation. Some volunteers in the Task Force operate from their own premises. No wage or salary is received by any volunteer

National Australia Bank (NAB) Volunteer Program
NAB runs an employee volunteer program to help not for profit organisations by providing their staff as volunteers for one off events and projects, skill based activities or ongoing initiatives.
The Friends of Oolong have accepted the assistance and is making use of the additional staff provided by NAB.

Full-time Volunteers:
The Caretaker/Manager of the sanctuary, instructs and supervises volunteers in the removal of woody weeds, attends to visitors and conducts birdwatch tours by appointment 24/7.
The President with the Treasurer/Secretary attends to administrative duties and, assisted by a part-time volunteer, constructs and maintains the Website up to date.

Part-time Volunteers:
The Honorary Research Scientist, conducts tours and is completing a biological survey, organising and conducting school visitations, and drafting a syllabus to be submitted to the Education Departments
A Project Manager trains volunteers to participate in the Oolong Challenge and to cooperate in the Landcare CarbonSMART Project with the local communities in ther Upper Lachlan Region. He is an experienced Seed Collector, who is collecting, classifying and preparing seeds to germinate in our large tunnel green house. A bank of seeds collected from our own four ecosystems is in progress under his direction.
The Coordinator of the school program.

Other Volunteers on a part-time basis are:
On-going Project Leaders
Task Force Members, who mainly work from their premises
Research Assistants
As the volunteers contribution to the Oolong program grows with the community support so does the big saving to governments! This is particularly encouraging considering also the increasing popular and governments concern on the effective management of conservation funds.

Estimate of the In-kind Contribution of our Volunteers
The value of the in-kind contribution of two full-time volunteers alone is equivalent to a total of over $72,960 per year. (Calculated at a rate of $20 per person per hour, 38 hours per week, 48 weeks per year).
The value of the in-kind contribution of some part-time active members of FOO and recruited volunteers is noted within each project.
[Please check below our address and how and where to make donations to be able to receive tax deductions]

Yes! We can accept tax deductible donations!

Make a secure donation online now! Click here:

Registrations, Membership fees and Donations
Registrations, membership fees and donations are accepted at any branch of the
Service One Credit Union Ltd
or posted to Service One Members Banking
Locked Bag 1 Deakin ACT 2600
BSB 801009
Account number: 1152967
Cheques crossed "not negotiable" and Money Order payable to:
Friends of Oolong

Donations Received:
A.& V.Barbaris $44, COG party $20.90, M.Houlahan $100, L.Pastrello $11, FATS party $104. Cumberland party $ 295, ANOS $200, Anonimous,(from ourcommunity.com.au $100), John & Joan Foundation $US 10 000, Australian Ethical Investment Ltd $3 920, Graeme Brudbern $100, Commissioners Gold Limited $1000.

A special acknowledgment is given to the John and Joan D'Addario Foundation Inc (USA) Trust for their continuous support and generous contribution.
Acknowledgment is also given to any agency, group or individual involved in any particular project and-unless otherwise stated-projects are supported financially and with in-kind contribution by the landholder of "Dalton Park", members of the Friends of Oolong Association, the Honorary Resident Scientist, The native seeds collectors and all our volunteers.
The Friends of Oolong and its special fund the Fund of Friend of Oolong has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) status and entitled to receive tax deductible donations.
Tax deductible donations are also accepted at any branch of:
Service One Credit Union Ltd.
BSB: 801009
Locked Bag 1 Deakin ACT 2600
Account number:1157838
Fund of Friends of Oolong
Please return deposit stub to receive your tax deductible receipt.
Our postal address and contact numbers:
Friends of Oolong Inc.
P.O.Box 4017
Dalton NSW 2581
Mobile 0423 200 202

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