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One of the main aims of the school program of the Friends of Oolong is education IN the environment. We intend to provide as many school children as possible with an opportunity to get in direct contact with the bush to enjoy it first hand, expand their knowledge of, and personal commitment to the landscape in which we live, by developing an awareness and concern for the environment. It will include lectures, field work as part of a syllabus and a series of guided bushwalks for school classes. Some will be conducted by specialist from supporting groups, who have contributed to the various projects within our program. The archaeological bushwalks are planned to be conducted by guides from the Onerwal Aboriginal community if available.

The program is under preparation, while we are waiting for the questionnaire to be returned from the schools. We are also exploring various alternatives to financially support the program by grants to cover organisation costs. To facilitate our task we have divided our program geographically in two sectors. One for the ACT and the other for the SE NSW region.

The whole program, including the proposed syllabus, field sheets, etc. is being prepared by Dr Tony Saunders, Resident Scientist in cooperation with the Task Force of the Friends of Oolong.
Education Program for the Schools in the SE NSW Region:
Patrons: Katrina Hodgkinson MP State Member for Burrinjuck, Alby Schultz MP Federal Member for Hume
Coordinator::Position vacant
SE NSW committee: Gianni D'Addario,(Chair); Kath Kovac, Tony Saunders, Steve Selden, Graeme Bradburn, Lewis Merriman.
Education Program for the Schools in the ACT:
Patron: Mary Porter AM MLA Member for Ginninderra
Coordinator: Nicolette Pidcock, Phone: 0407469526. Email: nicolette.pidcock@nwc.gov.au (On sick leave)
ACT Committee: Gianni D'Addario, (Chair); Jennifer Phillips, Peter Phillips, Andrzej (Andy) Mikolajczak
A National Environmental Education Statement for Australian Schools Department of the Environment and Heritage as a national reference point.

WATCH THIS SPACE: An Environmental Study Centre and a Campus for it! (Read below about some changes)

Environmental Study Centre at Dalton Park
To see Aim and Objectives of the School Program and why Dalton Park would be a good location for a field studies Centre. (Click here)

A Campus for the Environmental Study Centre!

The planning includes a campus with three portable rooms: 1) toilet and shower facilities 2) lecture room/office and 3) kitchenette and sleeping quarters for four people. This will accommodate overseas, interstate and local volunteers; Green Corp teams; specialist groups involved in our projects; and volunteers being trained by our specialists. It will also provide space for community lectures.
Schools from SE NSW and the ACT will work on projects in the field and on assignments in the premises. We are seeking funds to cover costs of this very important part of the whole program for schools and volunteers.

We realised that the project is too expensive with portable rooms. We have considered a less expensive alternative with an agreement with the landholder of Dalton Park since he had the approval for the Box Gum Grassy Woodland project which requires the removal of all domestic stock. The outbuildings mentioned above are replaced by extensions and modifications to existing buildings at Dalton Park and some of the accommodation to be shared between the Friends of Oolong and the landholder.

Two buildings: the shearing shed and a formed Ostriches incubator building are being modified to include a conference room for the Friends of Oolong, three bedrooms and a dry compost toilet and bathroom.Two bedrooms, bathroom, dining room, kitchenette and computer room in the former incubator building for our volunteers.
An insulated double garage 8x8m has been built and adapted as a lecture room/office.
The FOO contributed the dry compost toilet Rota-Loo. All other costs are born by our president and his son Frank who is a qualified electric contractor and some friends who volunteered their contribution.
Considering the urgency of the project no requests for funds were made from other organisations or governments and we hope that as the world-wide financial crisis will abate we shall be able to continue our conservation activities with donations from overseas. We also need to fill the position of coordinators so that we can apply for more funds

Donations are welcome for the school program.
QUESTIONNAIRE (For School Principals and/or Teachers)
Principals and teachers from schools, within 100km from Dalton, will be contacted by the Task Force of the Friends of Oolong and will be asked to fill and return the questionnaire to give an indication of their interest in this program, and how it can best be tailored to meet the needs of schools. It is to be noted that without teachers cooperation and support school pupils will miss out!
To give us an indication of your interest in our education program, and how we can best tailor it to meet the need of schools, we would be grateful if you would complete our questionnaire. Without your contribution we will not be able to undertake our program (Click to view and download). Simply copy and print the form, fill it by hand, or copy it into your word process program and enter your response. Please return the questionnaire to us:
To email it click here, or fax it to 02 4845 6267, or post it to: Friends of Oolong, PO Box 4017, Dalton, NSW 2581.


Field Sheets are to be used by students when visiting the sanctuary. We suggest to teachers and students to look at them and also print them to get an idea of what can be done in the field. More activity sheets will be added as we get more information on the new syllabuses for the schools.
To see and download the Field Sheets Click here.


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