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Latest Developments

2016_Bushfire_Factsheet (pdf)


Waroona Complex Fires, Western Australia
An independent enquiry will be led by Mr Euan Ferguson AFSM. The enquiry will examine all aspects of the fires including the response to the fires by all agencies. The report will be made available to the public. A copy of the detailed information in our report has been provided to the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner for consideration as part of an internal DFES review of the Waroona fires. (Personal communication by the Hon Joe Francis MLA on 18 March, 2016)

Pilot test on bushfire in NSW:

In NSW there is preparation for a large aircraft to conduct a pilot test on bushfire. This is a smoke screen to demonstrate that the test is expensive and risky! Following the recommendation in our report the only adequate test on air suppression of bushfire on their onset is by Aircranes operating day and night with suitable visual equipment. Three Erickson Aircranes (already tested six years ago with adequate visual equipment) should be set close to any area prone to bushfire ready to act immediately. If the authorities will still consider the proposed test too expensive and risky the inevitable solution is for the ADF taking over this annual phase of bushfire operation. It will require a network of stations and a number of Aircranes to protect our bush, wildlife and population in the bush. The ADF to recruit and train the personnel in cooperation with experts in the field.

National Lottery

A national lottery, like the one we had on the building of the Opera House, would support the establishing of a new industry producing Aircranes locally to reduce their costs and maintenance.

ADF budget and submarines

Our proposal would affect the ADF budget and perhaps a reduction of the number of submarines would be highly justified to save our country from gong up in smoke year after year.

Eucalyptus embers, back-burning, and the need for prompt initial action followed by continuous day and night air suppression.
Eucalyptus trees have evolved to coexist with fires (e.g. for germination of seed). One of the major effects triggered by fire is for the tree to shed its bark. This produces huge numbers of embers, which can quickly spread and fly over any break in the vegetation. This information comes from CSIRO research, but is ignored by bushfire agencies.

The language of fire

Back-burning as adopted by civil agencies must be stopped and bushfire control changed drastically adopting an adequate air suppression as recommended in our report.


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