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The Micro Car and Scooter clubs origin came from Eric Vargas, a keen Messerschmitt owner and university student in 1982.

Eric commenced 'The Messerschmitt Owners Club' (Australia) in April 1983.  He unfortunately died in June 1985 due to a motoring accident and Fred Diwell then presided over the club and news-letter production.

With the small number of Messerschmitts that had been marketed in Australia, around 230, a static membership could only be anticipated.  Changing of the name to the 'Microcar Club' was done in the early 1990's, allowing expansion and future growth.  This move was very successful incorporating as it did, all brands of Microcar that had been made locally and imported.

Membership grew exponentially and introduced manufactures who had produced scooters and mopeds, so another name change was undertaken to incorporate these brands, becoming the 'Microcar & Scooter Club' in June 2001.  Incorporation to protect members and their assets came at a later date.

Collecting small cars or scooters can be addictive as many of our members will testify, there always appears to be room to squeeze another one in the shed or garage.  Sometimes even the lounge room!

The club participated in many shows, displays and events right from the start, even holding mechanical and technical workshops.  We have continued participating in events during the years mostly within the Sydney area and neighbouring districts.  Interstate members have hosted informal get-togethers and attend events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

With the micro car and scooter boom in the fifties and sixties many of our vehicles have celebrated significant anniversaries, such as Messerschmitts and Goggomobils 50th, then 60 years of Vespa and Lambretta to name a few.

The club has a strong base membership of enthusiasts including some in New Zealand; encompassing a data base listing in excess of 350 vehicles of the 2, 3 & 4 wheeled variety and 500+ people who have or had an interest in these type of vehicles both here and overseas.

Over the years we have compiled registers covering Australian distributed and built Messerschmitts, Lightburn Zeta, Vespa 400 cars, Lloyd Goggomobils etc. with an extensive list covering other makes.

Others in Queensland have strong affinity and interests in BMW Isettas they keep tabs on all the known ones.  Another member D. Nobbs, runs the Australian Goggomobil register.


Goggo 50 Years

We are based in Sydney, New South Wales, and have members in every state of Australia.

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