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I live in the Wimmera in northwest Victoria, Australia - not quite the outback - but on the plains of the ‘sheep– wheat belt’, where my husband, teenage son and I have a small sheep farm out of Warracknabeal . 

We have just come out of a devastating decade of drought . … a foretaste of things to come in a climate changed future, we are told by scientists.  But, what about what kept going and survived that drought and the huge flood that followed!  I believe that adults need to see both the damage and the survival, but should that be the same for our children?


So, what will you find on this website?

· Firstly this website was planned and developed as support material for the ‘round table’ session I provided at the 6th World Environmental Education Conference (WEEC)  in Brisbane (Table 5  during Stream 7—Roundtable 2  on Wednesday 20 July 2011). … (I just didn’t get it finished in time!)

· My ideas for environmental education and some suggested activities, especially links to other good stuff on the web

· a celebration of survivors in our environment, and others I visit– the good stuff!


My session at WEEC covered:

· If you were 1o years old in 2010, what would be your experience and view of your local environment?

My example came from what children at Jeparit had grown up with for a River and its woodland  in a severe drought environment.

· How should this affect our environmental education programs?

My examples were taken from my environmental education program with the senior class at Jeparit Primary School in 2010.



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A pretty survivor—the dainty flowers of the straggly Lignum bush blossomed along the Wimmera River at Jeparit every Spring all through the drought years .

WEEC logophoto of lignum in blossomphoto of farm

One of my favourite photos of our farm.

My background and philosophical bent!

I was a Geography teacher in Warracknabeal and Charlton (Wimmera towns) for almost 15 years, then I did water based environmental education in schools and across the community under the Wimmera Community Waterwatch program for another 15 years.  Both Geography and environmental education encourage holistic system views of the world, which I believe are necessary for coping with changes from the local to global levels.

I have also been writing environmental education articles for the Victorian Home Education Network’s magazine ‘Otherways’ for a couple of years. My son and I have also been a part of Jeparit Waterwatch, a group of mainly senior citizens,  for its life—so far 16 years continuous monthly monitoring of the Wimmera River there.  We have also monitored our nearest stream, the Yarriambiack Creek. Through these activities, we have seen many changes up close.

‘Enviroed4all” is my independent environmental education business, that I have just started, to continue to provide education in the Wimmera and further afield. My aim is to prepare people, especially children, with knowledge that will be a basis for adapting to changes that they face in the future.

I think that environmental education for children (pre secondary) should help them find the wonder of living things, processes, links and how to care for it— and then share that with others, especially via the arts.  I think this will be the best preparation for when they face changes in the future.  I think that we should try to not project concerns we adults may have about changes anticipated from the world we grew up with, but we should be changing our habits to prepare for it and pass those habits onto children as part of life. 

In summary, how do we give children positive messages to grow up with rather than focusing on problems?

I look forward to exploring how we could educate about the best in any environment and foster a sharing of that around our community, region and across the world.


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