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Ngarak Press Publications for Sale


We publish paperback books and booklets on the region of Gippsland, Australia. Our current list of 19 items includes P.D.Gardner's Through Foreign Eyes and Gippsland Massacres which outline the shameful treatment of the Aborigines of the district. The Names on the Great Alpine Road between Bairnsdale and Omeo is our bestseller and now in its sixth thousand. A Gippsland Union the Victorian Coal Miners Association 1893-1915 is now available. See  for further details. Full commercial mark-ups to retail outlets. Orders over $50 post paid in Australia. Bona fide outlets please request further details and our wholesale list.


Now Available - all prices post paid in Australia (1.11.2009)
 by P.D. Gardner
1. Names of Bass Strait,  102p. 1998, A5 perfect bound, maps, illustrations, index, same as previous names only twice as large. Has the names of the Victorian coast between Cape Otway and Lakes Entrance, the north coast of Tasmania and the islands in between. $25
2. Through Foreign Eyes: European perceptions of the Kurnai tribes of Gippsland , 2nd. rev.ed. Illust. 1994, 126pp. Index, "Many black people died as a result of a white belief in a set of events which now read like the plot of a bad Victorian novel." Laurie Duggan $25
3. Gippsland Massacres: the Destruction of the Kurnai tribes 1800-1860, 2001, 118p. illust. maps, index, perfect bound. $25
5. Names on the Princes Highway between Melbourne and Sydney, Illust. maps, Index pp.52 2000 $12
6. Names of the Latrobe Valley and West Gippsland; their origins, meanings and history,  Illust. maps, Index, 1992, pp.52   Last in the Gippsland names series $12
7. A Gippsland Union: the Victorian Coal Miners Association 1893-1915, 180p. A5 perfect bound, 2004, Illust. Appendices, $25
8. Too Old to Rat: the Radical Miners of South Gippsland 1893-1904, limited edition of 300, 1994, 48p. Includes lists of miners and supporters. Second in coal miners series. $12
9. Names on the Great Alpine Road between Bairnsdale and Omeo, (formerly Names on the Omeo Highway) rev.ed. 1997, maps. Illust. 48p. $12
10. Names on the Great Alpine Road between Wangaratta and Omeo, 1998, maps, Illust., Index, pp.48. $12
by Amelia Angove ( mostly limited numbered editions of 200 copies)
11.Bun Jirrah Gingee Munjie 1991 44pp. $10
12. Kurnai Poems ( Gunnai wark) 1994, 24p. experimental poems with translations from the original English $10
13. love songs, the tao and mt.nugong , illust. by H.Reddish, 1990, $10
14. mt.nugong no.22 , illus. by H.Reddish, 1993, poems and songs. $10
by Howitt, A.W.
15. Australian Group Relations. 1998, 28p. $12
16. Further Notes on the Australian Class Systems,1998, 40p. $12
17. Notes on Australian Message Sticks and Messengers, 1998, 34p $12


Ngarak Press is owned and operated by regional historian Peter Gardner and has been established since 1989. The shop and mail order business has recently been sold. Ngarak now deals only in rare and obscure secondhand books listed on booksandcollectibles as well as wholesaling and retailing its new list. Gardner continues to write and is working on some essays on the Kurnai tribes. See above for full retail list and prices.


We accept Visa or Mastercard. Please email enquiry re book availability then email or phone card details (type, name on card, number, expiry date). Please note that postage is extra. For pre-payment by cheque within Australia only please email for details.



We  have 1000 titles for sale on this database


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